The practice of boxing works multiple muscles at the same time, such as arms, legs, and abdomen, among others, which are constantly engaged during the repetition of fast and intense movements. The sport is excellent for targeting multiple muscles simultaneously, helping to tone them, promoting weight loss, and it is a highly dynamic sport with various movements. It not only aids in muscle definition but also in weight loss and fat reduction, with the potential to burn 600 to 1000 calories per class, making it a great ally in combating obesity.

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The calorie expenditure in a training session that combines conventional boxing with functional training can reach up to 700 calories because there are moments where speed and power exercises are performed, generating a high caloric burn. In addition to the calorie loss provided by the sport, which is beneficial for the heart, there is a whole preparation and physical conditioning routine before the technical aspect of boxing, which involves strength, balance, coordination, speed, endurance, among other factors.

Such preparation improves the cardiovascular performance of the practitioner and consequently helps improve their overall conditioning, making them more resistant. Furthermore, boxing is an aerobic exercise that keeps the heart rate elevated during practice, increasing the blood pumping rate and thus assisting in deeper breathing during the activity, which significantly improves the entire respiratory system.


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