A program full of benefits that will improve your life


That's why Kbow is for you:

Kbow delivers a total body workout that combines Kickboxing, Air Bike Interval Training, Rowing, and Strength Training. Whether you are getting back into working out after a long day, you are an avid exerciser, or you are an elite level athlete looking for an great Strength & Conditioning workout, we provide a system that caters to everyone.

This is how we do!

The workouts are structured for all fitness levels. Winners Fitness professionals have designed an exclusive program to help you build lean muscle and burn fat, as well as achieve a post workout “afterburn” that will have you burning excess calories and fat for the next twenty-four hours after your workout is complete.

And this is what you
got from Kbow:

Specific Kickboxing, Strength, Rowing and Air Bike classes structured to maximize your body workout and develop your metabolism as to bring the best results not only for your body but also to your mind.

A program full of benefits that will improve your life

You will condition your body to burn fat while building lean muscle, improve your heart rate, respiratory functions, endurance, stamina, and metabolism. These perks will bring long-term benefits to your well-being such as drastically lower chances of having heart diseases, increase pulmonary capacity, manage blood sugar and insulin levels, among many other advantages.

Take a look at our Kbow program:

Kickboxing is the core of our fitness program and how we transform our members’ bodies and minds: it is one of the most dynamic total body workouts that tones your upper and lower body and allows you to gradually build every muscle in your body in a way that no other exercise can duplicate. Your metabolism will also be set on fire and most people can expect to burn 500+ calories.

Designed to give members an opportunity to focus on strength building and hypertrophy gains. The majority of this workout will take place on the weight Floor where Members will have the opportunity to focus on developing strength through use of mainly Dumbbells and Kettlebells, however, other modalities may be included. Strength training will be geared
Row is one of the best ways to strengthen and tone your muscles. Every stroke on the rower activates 85% of your body’s muscles to help you improve endurance, strength, and power. It is a total-body workout that strengthens major muscle groups in your body and increases cardiovascular endurance.

The Air Bike is a dual action bike which provides a total body workout that consists of cardiovascular exercise, along with muscular endurance and strength building activity. Because the Air Bike is based on exponential resistance, the harder you work, the greater the workout will be. The Air Bike provides a high intensity non-impact activity that’s easy on your joints and helps burn fat while developing lean muscle. Simply increasing the Air Bike’s resistance during the workout, will cause physiological adaptations and muscle growth like weightlifting.