The perfect family-friendly environment.



Winners Sunny Isles Beach

 18260 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

A Personal Gym For All Your Fitness and Family Needs!

Workout, and have fun in the process at Winners Training Center, where time spent working out is time spent with the family.

Conveniently located in the cities of Sunny Isles, Florida, our state-of-the-art facility stands on a whopping 16,500  square feet, dedicated to providing rewarding workouts and fitness programs you and your family are sure to love!



Winners Sunny North Miami Beach

 16215 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami Bech, FL 33160

A Personal Gym For All Your Fitness and Family Needs!

Our ability to create a family friendly environment, in a personal gym setting, is what sets us apart from everybody.

We have a qualified and knowledgeable staff aiming to do everything. From getting you in shape to teaching your children the benefits of martial arts. At Winners Martial Arts & Fitness Center, all of your family and fitness needs will be met under one roof.

Spinning is one of the best ways to strengthen your cardiovascular system. Building your mobility, core strength, and stability. Spinning classes also significantly improves endurance and stamina.

With our new Schwinn spinning bikes, you can set the resistance dials to suit your workout. Develop your core and spin your way to feeling fit and looking fabulous!

The simplicity of CrossFit® makes it perfect for beginners and seasoned CrossFit devotes alike. Our trainers use unique conditioning exercises and circuit training drills to work your entire body, pushing you to your max.

Kids enrolled in Winners After School Programs develop personal discipline and learn how to set and achieve valuable goals, all while making lots of new friends and having tons of fun!

Build Courage. Bolster Confidence. Be a Winner.

Whether you are prepping for competition, looking to learn self defense or just want a high-energy workout, the kickboxing program at Winners is for you!

A blend of Karate and boxing, this versatile martial art demands a combination of speed, self-control, and strength.

Requiring patience, skill and persistence, our martial arts programs for adults combine physical strength and mental agility to create an experience that is intense and character defining.

Our yoga classes are open to everyone regardless of age or gender.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a sophisticated martial art that focuses on proper technique, leverage, grip and stance to force a larger and stronger opponent into submission.